Programmers by Country

Guido van Rossum — Netherlands

Mark Zuckerberg — USA

Shafrira Goldwasser — USA

Samarendra Mitra — India

Jin-Yi Cai

Wonders of Computer Science:

Computer Science, the broad study of computers and computational systems, can help humans take our next step into evolution by preparing us for what the future has installed for us. As we slowly approach the end, artificial intelligence(AI) will only get better and smarter by the day. If humans are meant to live for so long, then AI will eventually surpass our knowledge and strength and take control of us one day. But, before that can happen, we can take this time to prepare and look for ways to protect ourselves, whether that’s learning to code or operate a computer in general. Knowing to program and code will defiantly be a lifesaver soon. Above all, an essential aspect of computer science might help improve our problem-solving skills, which is a crucial life skill.



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