How to Prepare for and Do Well During the Technical Interview

Practice Problem-Solving

One of the top requirements to be a successful developer is the ability to problem-solve. There are several things that you can do to strengthen this skill. The most important one is consistent practice. The more often you practice, the better you’ll get. By struggling through these challenges, you’ll improve your skills in the long run, but you’ll also find satisfaction in finding the answers to challenging problems.

Consider Building a Flow Chart

Should you have the time, it could also be worthwhile to build out a flow chart showing the steps your script will take to process the input values to generate the desired result. The flow chart will outline the requirements you’ll need to code out to process input values. It will also be helpful as a visual reference guide while you’re coding.

Practice Verbally Communicating

Once your solution is ready, talk through the problem and solution with someone or something. Even if you speak to an inanimate object, it will still get you used to verbally communicating. Examples of what you can talk about include:

  • What were the requirements that needed to be met?
  • What was your thought process in determining a solution?
  • How did you go about addressing the problem?
  • What difficulties or obstacles did you encounter, and how did you resolve them?

Evaluate Your Presentation

After you have presented your thought processes and ideas, it is ideal if you take some time to evaluate how it went. If you were working directly with someone, that’s even better because you will be able to get their insights and input. A few of the discussion and evaluation points can include:

  • What could you have phrased differently? What did you find most challenging or complicated?
  • Were there areas where you unknowingly used jargon that an interviewer might not understand or be aware of?
  • Did your explanation make sense to you? To your audience?

Example Solutions to Coding Problems

When building out my solutions, I decided to use the Online Python Code editor to quickly compile and run my Python code and take screenshots to include in this paper. Regarding locating coding problems to tackle, I searched the internet for ones that seem manageable yet complex enough to be challenging. Below are a few of the ones I took on and the code to the solution I built to address the challenge.


Get out there and start applying once you are comfortable enough to tackle some technical interviews. When given a chance to interview, do not overload your day with too many sessions. This could create unnecessary stress and strain on you. It also could lead you not to perform as well as you usually would. I would suggest one interview per day, especially since some interviews might run over the time you allot for them. Leaving your day open will ensure that your schedule is flexible enough to allow unplanned changes.

Interview Day

On the interview day, be aware that the interviewer could have you answer the problem in various ways. You could be at a whiteboard drawing out and explaining your solution or at a computer coding it out from scratch. This is hard to predict in advance. So, be adaptable but prepared for whatever might be sent your way.


As stated before, interviews are an intimidating but essential part of your career. Be positive and have faith in yourself. Remember to practice and build your problem-solving skills continuously. They will be a significant factor in the interviewer’s end decision. However, do not forget those soft skills. These skills will be exhibited, from how prepared you are for the interview to approaching the problems introduced. Additionally, make sure to showcase your ability to communicate your thoughts in a way that anyone, even the non-tech-savvy people, can comprehend and follow.



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