Advanced Interactive Multidimensional Modeling System

AIMMS stands for Advanced Interactive Multidimensional Modeling System. To summarize, AIMMS specializes in prescriptive analytics, where users find the best course of action by analyzing data.

The founder of AIMMS was a mathematician named Johannes Bisschop. In 1974, Bisschop had received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences in the United States and then moved back to The Netherlands. There, he worked as an Applied Mathematics professor while managing a company know as Paragon Decision Technology B.V or AIMMS B.V.

It was not until 1989 that Bisschop created the first version of AIMMS. As a mathematician, Bisschop originally introduced AIMMS as a type of mathematical modeling tool. Using AIMMS, his goal was to create a language that could model and outline solutions with the most optimization for one’s objectives.

Due to AIMMS, Bisschop would be formally acknowledged by INFORMS, a notable and international institute for practitioners in management science, analytics, and operations research. He was awarded the INFORMS Impact Prize for his contribution to a programming language. Standing strong long-term, AIMMS is known as one of the world’s most important mathematical modeling languages.


Furthermore, AIMMS’s accomplishments had not ended there. After AIMMS was taken over by a private equity firm in 2003, this firm transformed AIMMS even further. By 2011, AIMMS had launched a second version called AIMMS PRO. Compared to the original AIMMS B.V., AIMMS PRO was targeted specifically towards end-users who did not have a technical background. As time progressed, AIMMS became known as a fast-developing company, and they were eventually recognized as one of Netherland’s top B2B (business-to-business) technologies in 2017.


There are two notable platforms AIMMS has developed.


The first platform was the AIMMS SC Navigator Platform for non-advanced users. Its primary purpose was to analyze and evaluate data specifically from supply chains. Designed by supply chain experts, the SC Navigator Platform includes cloud-based software and planning tools that supply-and-demand modelers require. The SC Navigator includes access to four applications: Sales and Operations Planning, Data Navigator, Supply Chain Network Design, and Center of Gravity and Product Lifecycle.


Additionally, the second platform AIMMS developed was the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform. Unlike the SC Navigator Platform, the Prescriptive Analytics Platform allowed advanced users to analyze and evaluate data, construct algorithms, and develop business plans for growth. The Prescriptive Analytics Platform also supported many mathematical problems (e.g., linear, quadratic, and mixed-integer programming).


Although AIMMS might be unknown compared to other popular programming languages, do not underestimate its reach. AIMMS is based in the Netherlands, but it is still known, utilized, and operated globally. Currently, AIMMS has offices located in China, the United States, Singapore, and the Netherlands. As a result, AIMMS employees and users are considerably diverse.


  • Healthcare
  • Revenue and Asset Management
  • Energy Management
  • Agricultural Business
  • Production Planning
  • Retail
  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • And more

United States

  • Johnson & Johnson — Pharmaceutical
  • British-Dutch
  • Shell — Petroleum

The Netherlands

  • Heineken — Alcohol
  • Philips — Electronics, Health technology


  • Bayer’s — Pharmaceutical and Life sciences


  • Petrobras — Petroleum

And more

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Rutgers University
  • The University of the West of England
  • Japan’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • University of Warsaw
  • Universidad Federal do Rio de Janeiro

· And more


Now that you have been informed of AIMMS’s history, achievements, and worldwide use, it is time to reveal what AIMMS can really do.

AIMMS is an incredible software system that helps its users make complex business decisions after fully considering the possible impacts, opportunities, risks, and trade-offs. This software can identify and evaluate the most optimal decisions for a user’s business using mathematical modeling and scenarios. Users can prioritize the tasks they need to focus on first and are increasingly conscious about alternate solutions and scenarios. If you are a business owner or your client owns a business, AIMMS can be particularly beneficial for you; supply chains can be revamped positively.

Adding onto the list of benefits, AIMMS can create apps that tackle both strategic and daily operational challenges. For instance, if you are looking for a system that can construct plans and models for pricing, scheduling, production planning, and/or strategic sourcing, AIMMS is highly recommended.

AIMMS is the ideal platform and tool, especially for analyzing, modeling, researching, and/or planning. Using AIMMS could potentially lead to greater results for your business, happier customers, and longer-lasting organizations.


While there are numerous benefits from using AIMMS, it is also good to look at this programming language from a different perspective. Like most things in life, if there are advantages to using AIMMS, there are natural drawbacks. According to various online reviews from actual users, AIMMS has certain aspects they still need to improve if they want to be a top programming language.

A few users have discussed how AIMMS is not user-friendly, especially if you have not worked with AIMMS before. AIMMS does provide an online booklet/guide and documents you can refer to if you would like to learn more about the system. However, the examples provided in the guide might be too advanced, especially if you are at a beginner level. One reviewer mentioned they had trouble understanding the commands and language used in AIMMS; another stated that AIMMS’s syntax was frequently hard to debug.

Furthermore, AIMMS has its limits. A web browser, Google Chrome, only supports the AIMMS PRO platform, and it is not an open platform, so you will end up constrained to only features developed by AIMMS. A couple of reviewers expressed how AIMMS should have a better connection to external sources (i.e., OPC) so information can be shared quickly and securely.

Additionally, AIMMS is not accessible for everyone due to its price. Its price range is at the higher end of the spectrum; customers may pay from $795 for a “Basic” system up to $13,500 for a fully functional “Business” system. If users prefer using AIMMS for academic use, the academic license is $3,600.

If you plan on using AIMMS in the future, you might find that this programming language may not be easy to use, has limited features, and is expensive.


Although AIMMS may not be the most popular programming language in our current day and age, it is hard to undermine its global reach and rewarding functions. AIMMS has users located in the United States healthcare industry all the way to Japan’s academic university, which depends on its services. From its first launch by Johannes Bisschop in 1989 until present-day 2021, AIMMS is continuously expanding and giving its users a push in a logical and viable direction.

It is important to consider all of AIMMS’s sides. On the one hand, the programming language may not be easy to use, has limited features, and is expensive. On the other hand, through careful analyzing, evaluating, and planning, AIMMS can still provide its users with a higher success rate for their business or clients. AIMMS is not a perfect programming language, but it is steadily progressing over time.

If you knew nothing about AIMMS before reading this research paper or are already knowledgeable in this topic, I hope this information was useful, informative, and/or relevant to you somehow. I highly encourage you to explore the world of AIMMS and programming language if you are interested. There is such a vast amount of valuable and engaging information out there!

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